Travel Requirements:

A. Packing Suggestions

Please pack light to avoid any discomfort during the trip and to save some space for other important items you might need.

NOTE: Don’t forget to bring along a towel, we will have spare towels for anyone who might have forgotten his towel, but just in case please bring along your own towel too.

(1.) Swimming Clothes

(2.) Dry Clothes

(3.) Towel

(4.) Small Travel Bag

(5.) Extra necessities you might require


B. Legal Documents

Please be aware that we will pass Oman’s “Al Darah” border control. If you are a “non-GCC National” you are required to have or apply for a Visa to Oman.

NOTE: Please make sure you follow all rules and regulations mentioned on Oman’s Visa website. Please note that Visa charges are not covered by us.

(1.) Passport

(2.) ID

(3.) Oman Visit Visa (for non-GCC Nationals)

  • UAE Residence Visa: It is possible for people with the Dubai Residence Visa to complete their Oman Visit Visa upon arrival. Charges are also less compared to visitors with the “UAE Tourist Visa” only.

NOTE: There are certain minimum wage profession regulations that will prevent a minimum wage individual from crossing the borders. For more information please find the required website references below.

  • UAE Tourist Visa / INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: For UAE tourist Visas, please make sure you have a "Multiple Entry" Visa, which allows you to re-enter UAE border controls without any problems or delays.

NOTE: Applying for Oman’s Visit Visa will take up to 2 days, please pre-plan ahead of time before booking this trip. There are certain countries that are not eligible for a Visa. For more information please find the required website references below.



For more information regarding Dubai Visas, please call 8005111 or 0097143139999 or visit

For more information regarding Oman Visas, please visit

For more information about Oman Visa types, please visit