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Our Story

Naw Team is a group of adventurous aquatic human beings who gathered for one reason: The ocean


Photos by Mohammed al falasi

It all started with a simply planned but tiring Kayak trip when the founders of Naw Mohammed Al Falasi and Humaid Al Nuaimi were resting under a bridge full of barnacles when they realized they both had a twinkle in their eyes, with the Vision of a well preserved ocean. Together, they decided to form Naw Team, which has grown to a team of like-minded Emirati Free-Divers & Fishermen who enjoy their shared passion of the local waters together and care about the Environment.

The Ocean to us is a place of thoughtful healing both for the body & mind, we got healed by the Ocean, its our turn to return the favor. Human ignorance and general lack of awareness is causing massive devastation in our local waters. We make it a point to document the ocean's beauty and the way humans are killing it, while spreading awareness.

The Crew


Mohammed Al Falasi

Naw founder - Freediver - Environmentalist - spearfisher - underwater documentarist - CERTIFIED IN MARINE BIOLOGY - Technologist - Athelete -  Photographer - motorsports enthusiast


Humaid Al Nuaimi

Naw cofounder - FreeDiver - scubadiver - Braintologist - retail GURU - advisory board of Future Retail conference - regional representative of Middle East Council of shopping malls - Board member of Quantum Mutual funds - President of Mallz Holding


Saif Al Muhairi

Freediver - scubadiver - Environmentalist - motorsports enthusiast - civil engineer


Abdullah Belhoul

freediver - scubadiver - EXPLORER - Environmentalist - spearfisher - Networking expert


Mohamed Abdulla

freediver - scubadiver - Environmentalist - spearfisher - Professional UnderWater Photographer - UAE champion of underwater photography in a row - Ocean Art 1st place winner





The Naw Magazine

This is the official "Naw" magazine. The purpose of this magazine is to educate ourselves and the general public with up-to-date articles and news about the Ocean, the Environment, and Creatures that roam this earth.

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