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Our Story

Naw Team is a group of adventurous aquatic human beings who gathered for one reason: The ocean


Photos by Mohammed al falasi

It all started with a simply planned but tiring Kayak trip when the founders of Naw Mohammed Al Falasi and Humaid Al Nuaimi were resting under a bridge full of barnacles when they realized they both had a twinkle in their eyes, with the Vision of a well preserved ocean. Together, they decided to form Naw, which has grown to a team of like-minded Emirati Free-Divers & Fishermen who enjoy their shared passion of the local waters together and care about the Environment.

The Ocean to us is a place of thoughtful healing both for the body & mind, we got healed by the Ocean, its our turn to return the favor. Human ignorance and general lack of awareness is causing massive devastation in our local waters. We make it a point to document the ocean's beauty and the ways humans are killing it.


What is a Nawster ?

"A Nawster is a supporter & a member of Naw"

It's a very basic equation, the more Nawsters we get the louder our voice gets to protect our marine environment.

What are the benefits of becoming a Nawster?

1. Nawsters will be invited to join our #naw-chat workspace on Slack,

2. Nawsters could be asked to join beach clean-ups, or they could be invited to The Naw Expedition.

3. dedicated Nawsters could also receive Naw branded apparel, gifts, and promotions.

4. Nawsters can become core Naw Members through dedication.


The Naw Magazine

This is the official "Naw" magazine. The purpose of this magazine is to educate ourselves and the general public with up-to-date articles and news about the Ocean, the Environment, and Creatures that roam this earth.


Our Friends