Rules and Regulations:

  • Do NOT bring more than 4 people, we will NOT accept more than 4.

  • Pickup is accommodated to 1 pickup location ONLY, so if you are planning with your friends, please pre-plan 1 pickup location where we can pick up the whole team.

  • Please do NOT bring any single-use plastic products.

  • Please do NOT bring or use tanning lotions as they are harmful to Coral Reefs.

  • Please do NOT touch any marine wild life or Coral Reefs as some might be poisonous or harmful to you, plus we do not want to disturb the ecology of the locations we visit, unless explicit permission is granted from the lead Naw Core Member(s).

  • No littering will be allowed or tolerated. Remember we are here to protect not cause further harm.

  • Explorers should always abide with the lead Naw Core Member(s), the Ocean is NOT a controlled environment. CAUTION & WARNINGS should always be taken seriously.

  • Unfortunately "Drones" and "Underwater Cameras" are NOT allowed through Oman's Dara border unless you sign a consent form that states that you the owner of the camera will NOT photograph any prohibited areas. So we leave that choice for you to make, but take note that they are very strict with drones, we suggest taking that one off the list if you were bringing one along.

  • THIS IS A NON-REFUNDABLE TRANSACTION. Due to pre-planning procedures to prepare for an Expedition after a confirmed booking, any purchases made will be NON-REFUNDABLE.