The Naw Expedition

What is “The Naw Expedition”?

The Naw Expedition is a long journey that will revive the sense of exploration in you, cleanse your body and mind. As you might have seen and heard by now, we are explorers at heart, we created the Naw movement to protect the Ocean, and with it the “Naw Expedition” was born and has been the core essence of our movement. When we first started our expeditions, we didn’t think that people would actually want to come, so we kept our expeditions for core team members only. After a lot of requests, research, investments, and legal work, we are happy to announce that “The Naw Expedition” is now available to the public. We will make sure to cater the expedition based on your expertise and requirements, so have no worries and rest assured that you can bring your family along with you. Anyone from the age of 3 and above can join us.

What is included in “The Naw Expedition”?

This package includes 4 seats for 4 Explorers of whom you choose or plan with this Expedition.

This is NOT a per-seat booking, You are reserving a full boat to yourself, family members, or friends, whomever you choose or plan with.

  • A Full day trip from 6AM - 9PM. Timing is slightly flexible.

  • Snorkeling or Freediving.

  • Visiting unique spots not accessible to Tourism companies, and only known to our Team.

  • A briefing about the history of the visited areas.

  • A lesson in the ecology of the location’s underwater life.

  • Explanation of any findings that we might encounter in this Expedition.

  • Full transportation. Road trip to destination requires at least 3 hours..

  • Food & Beverages included.

  • Full snorkeling equipment of the highest quality and safety standards. Freedivers please get your own Freediving equipment.

  • 31ft speed boat with 2 strong engines, which also includes a toilet that can be used as a small shower/changing room.

  • Photography & Videography of the Explorers underwater.


You are required to have Oman's Visit Visa if you were a “non-GCC National”

  • Passport

  • ID

  • Oman Visit Visa

  1. UAE Residence Visa: It is possible for people with the Dubai Residence Visa to complete their Oman Visit Visa upon arrival. Charges are also less compared to visitors with the “UAE Tourist Visa”. There are certain minimum wage profession regulations that will NOT be allowed to cross the border. More information can be found on the website.

  2. UAE Tourist Visa (INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS): For UAE tourist Visas, please make sure you have a "Multiple Entry" type Visa, so that you can exit the UAE and have no issues re-entering. Applying for Oman Visit Visa will take up to 2 days, please pre-plan ahead of time before booking this trip. There are certain countries that are not eligible for a Visa, More information can be found the website.

For more information regarding Dubai Visas please call 8005111 or 0097143139999 or visit

For more information regarding Oman Visas please visit


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