What is “The Naw Expedition”?

We were healed by the Ocean, it’s time for us to return the favor.
— Mohammad Al Falasi

“The Naw Expedition” is a long Ocean based journey that will revive the sense of exploration in you, and cleanse your body and mind. As you might have seen and heard by now, we are explorers at heart. We created the Naw movement to protect the Ocean, and with it “The Naw Expedition” was born and has been the core essence of our movement.

Due to the surrounding urbanized man made white noise in this current day and age, many people have lost the sense of exploration built in them since birth. It is said that humans have managed to explore only about 5% of the ocean floor. The remaining 95% of the ocean still remains a mystery.

“The Naw Expedition” will allow you to re-ignite the lost sense of exploration that you acquired at birth. We will allow you to venture to remote areas that are only known to us, as well as let you the explorer choose the areas that you want to explore. By the way, there is a possibility that the spots you choose might not be discovered at all, if so we will definitely let you know.

We will make sure to cater the expedition based on your expertise, needs, and requirements, so have no worries and rest assured that you can bring your loved ones along with you.

When we first started our expeditions, we didn’t think that people would actually want to come, so we kept our expeditions for core team members only. After a lot of requests, research, investments, and legal work, we are happy to announce that “The Naw Expedition” is now available to the public. This is the business arm of Naw, and it’s meant to sustain our vision for a better tomorrow, as well as support/fund non-profit projects in the future.


Available Packages:


Package A.

Up to 4 Explorers

From Dubai to Musandam


Package B

Up to 6 Explorers

Musandam Only


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Our Video Series will give you a feel of what to expect from “The Naw expedition”

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