Naw has a big announcement!


One Vision, One Ocean, One Community. #nawsters

This is the game changer step in uniting Ocean lovers and Environmentalists alike under one roof.

We have opened up our Slack Naw community to our subscribers and supporters.

You can now join the Naw community through Slack, it doesn't matter wether you're on your web browser or smartphone, Slack works on any web browser, and both iOS and Android using the Slack app.

Slack is a chat-like workspace which leverages the flexibility we need to make this happen, share our announcements, events, and bring together the Naw community in one place through one vision, which is a cleaner, environmental, more sustainable Ocean. 

To join please subscribe to "Join the movement" here 

We were in Mauritius and South Africa

A successful trip to Mauritius showed us a new perspective of this beautiful island, with it's diverse underwater wildlife, and unique culture, Mauritus has left us wanting more. Our activities consisted of Freediving, cultural tours, waterfall visits, and more.

After Muaritius we ventured to South Africa landing in Johannesburg Airport for a connecting flight to George, from George we drove to Knysna and explored our way there, little that we knew they had a recent wild land fire on June 7, 2017 which ended at around June 28, 2017. From Knysna we went on to Gondwana game reserve, then ended our trip by visiting Cape Town for some cape fur seal underwater encounters. Follow us on our social media channels to find out more. 

P.S. We visited Mauritius twice on this trip, once before going to South Africa, and the second time was after our visit to South Africa.

We were in Hurawalhi Resort

Our trip to Hurawalhi located on the "Lhaviyani Atoll" at the Maldives was a successful trip of discovering a virgin island which had recently been open to the public. We stayed there from January 8, 2017 till January 12, 2017. Free diving the whole island was a difficult task due to strong currents, but we did it.

It took us almost 3 - 4 hours to document the surroundings and some of the diverse species living there. At the time we were there the sea was filled with a seasonal plankton bloom which disturbed the visibility but helped us with encountering lots of species who feed on them.