World Ocean Summit 2019 Recap

  • Day 1: We were invited to the youth circle, where startups like ourselves and decision makers like the Minister of Climate Change were able to sit down and discuss new ideas, critical challenges, and issues related to the environment. The main topics were, eco-tourism, artificial intelligence for environmental benefits, and challenges ecotourism and environmental service startups face along the way.

  • Day 2: We visited AD Blue Week organized by EAD, where we met many of the environmental services providers who came from abroad to introduce new ideas and concepts, as well as seeing the efforts of local Universities in the fields of environmental marine research.

  • Day 3: We left day 3 for honorable mentions of companies that have good initiatives and products, like Ball Aluminum Cans, Hydrotechnik ESE, La Brachetta Magica, Recycled Island Foundation, and Nautica. That was our final day, we hope you have enjoyed.

We were speakers at ADIBS

Naw was honored to be invited by the organizers of AbuDhabi International Boat Show 2018 as speakers for a 1 hour session in the topic of “Responsible Fishing & Marine Conservation”. The audience was great, and active.

People really enjoyed the session, and the Q&As took actually more than what we expected. Great job ADIBS, a first, but very successful show. Looking forward to 2019.

We were at Mirihi Resort


Naw recently came back from exploring the renowned Mirihi Resort at the Alif Dhaal Atoll, which is surrounded by a famous 6km coral reef, one of the largest in Maldives. We loved the concept and enjoyed the vision that Mirihi is trying to portray, 1st rule "No TVs", 2nd rule "No pools", these missing amenities created a deeper connection between us and our surroundings, which is exactly the point of disconnecting and relaxation, and mind you this is a 5 star highly rated resort. Anyway, back to the most important part, marine life and our encounters. Most notable are Manta Rays, Blacktip Reef Sharks, Whitetip Reef Sharks, Turtles, and few Lion Fish. Reef sharks were a common sight, and the reef there is still sustaining marine life, why that surprises us is exactly the point of our trip, which is "coral bleaching". Coral bleaching has plagued a lot if not all of the Maldives, and that's due to a change in water temperatures as reported by biologists. Though Mirihi staff members claim that they are one of the least affected, that we can't be sure of. The reef looked pale and grey, still supporting marine life, yet this same pale color extends down to 6 - 8 meters on the warmer side of the island.

Free-Diving down to 18 meters and enjoying the fore-reef slope from the ocean floor is definitely a better experience, as the colder waters have preserved the colors found in healthy reefs. While we enjoyed our trip, we can't but feel sad in our hearts to witness 6km of coral reef, bleaching and fading away into a pale shadow of grey, colorless, like a city struck by a nuclear bomb, nothing is left behind except destruction. Older generations who traveled to the Maldives, have mentioned the colorful beautiful reefs that they witnessed underwater, like one can imagine, a box full of colorful jewels. This is our 3rd trip to the Maldives, and unfortunately, the the Maldives isn't the what it used to be, the shallow colorful reefs have faded, and we might never witness what our fathers and grandfathers have witnessed, except at deeper depths and with a proper torch. The unfortunate question is, what will we leave for our children and grandchildren, a pile of rocks? plastics filled beaches? Confined endangered marine mammals? All of the above.. Let's strive for a better future, not for us, but for our grandchildren, because that's how long it would take to start reversing the damage done by greed.

Lincoln Advertisement Collaboration

As part of the Naw initiative we were honored to represent the Arabian Gulf's modernized historical connection with the Ocean in the new 2018 Lincoln Navigator advertisement.

It took hard work, lots of dives and some sinus issues, but the result was worth it. We have enjoyed working with Lincoln, the filming crew, and especially the director @robchiufilm.

We were at Reethi Faru Resort

Naw is back from a wonderful island (Reethi Faru in the Raa Atoll) that has been recently opened to the public. The main purpose of this trip was to explore a virgin island that hasn't been polluted by humans yet. Unfortunately we have found that the reef surrounding the project was unhealthy at the time of our visit (February 9, 2018) and in a recovering state due to construction.

So, although this is a virgin island, construction has taken a negative toll on the reef surrounding it. It may take another 5 - 10 years for the reef to grow again.